WINOMO Round Brim Sun Hat – Striped

  • Available in sizes Small and Medium
  • Has earholes and an adjustable strap
  • Mesh canvas material; breathable

WINOMO Round Brim Sun Hat – Striped

Product Description

After some reading we found that this sun hat is more decorative than protective. It’s loud and attractive – perfect for the fashionista that loves attention!

While it can serve as a proper sun hat, most of the verified purchasers have noted it works best on smaller dogs with narrow faces.

Some promising reviews:

These hats are the best. One thing that can be annoying to dogs is having their ears covered. These lovely hats have slots to allow your dogs ears to point up. My Yorkie has erect ears. This allows her not to shake her head as much and the hat stays on. My Maltese doesn’t mind because his ears are floppy. I like to have the option to pull his ears through the slots or put the hat over his ears. The Yorkie and Maltese both wear a small and weigh 10-12 lbs. They wear the hats during bike rides. They know that the hat represents a bike ride and get very excited when they see it. Just like potty training you can tempt them with treats.The hats are easy to wash, just air dry them to keep the color truly bright.The tie around the neck is perfect and adjusts well. Aren’t they cute? My puppy’s eyes are covered just for this picture. Usually he wears the hat correctly, in order to enjoy his bike ride.

Amazon Review by: Dee El

The hat is super cute! I first ordered a small, which was way too small for my dog I have an 11lb yorkie poodle and the medium fits perfect! The exchange and refund was also really fast, so don’t get discouraged if you get the wrong size and have to send back. I ordered new hat on Monday and received it yesterday. I just dropped the size small in the mail yesterday and have already received my refund confirmation.

Amazon Review by: Anonymous

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WINOMO Round Brim Sun Hat – Striped


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